Eventbox is always FREE for free & charity events. And for paid tickets, we follow a fee structure of 2.99% commission and 0.5$ per ticket. We offer all of our other services completely free. In another words:

Free - For all free events & tickets

Free - For all charity events.

And for every paid ticket sold:

25 $

Each attendee pays $ and you will get 23.00$

based on eventbox commission of 1.46$ and constant fee of 0 $ for each paid ticket.

We got your back! If your ticket prices cannot change or you don't wish to pay this fee for any reason, you can set it and the attendees will pay them. So you can use all of eventbox services totally free!

Premium Plan

Our Solution for big & special events

Eventbox’s extensive features is adaptable for all types of events - from small reunions to large conferences. The Premium Plan is for professional event organizers who want an edge on pricing or additional features.

If you stage multiple events with large volume of online ticket sales, or stage bespoke events that need tailor-made features on Eventbox platform – then the Premium Plan is for you.

If you anticipate large volume of online ticket sales, the Premium Plan gives you the opportunity to work with Eventbox exclusively on for competitive and preferential pricing for our platform.

If you anticipate bespoke events that need our existing solutions and also additional tailor-made features plugged in, the Premium Plan gives you the opportunity to work with Eventbox team in designing and developing these additional features with your own pricing plan.

To learn more and discuss this opportunity, please contact Eventbox team at hello {@} or complete our Contact Form