All of your questions, answered

Customize event page

  • How to customize your event URL
    Click on My events, click edit in front of your event, on basic section you can change your url.
  • How to add images to an event page
    You can upload your banner in design tab of creating event. If you have a gallery that you want to share, best way to show it is to insert its link below your event description or use your social networks links.
  • How to copy an event page? My event is a recurring event
    First, create your first event page and customize it as you desire. Then you can copy that event page for your future events in a second and you just need to change date. In your dashboard, click on arrow next to edit in front of your event, the choose copy. A copy of your event page will be created for you.

Payments & fees

  • How much does it cost to use Eventbox?
    Our pricing is very clear. All Eventbox services are free and we make money when you make money. Eventbox is free for free & charity events. We charge a commission of 2.99% of price of the ticket and 0.5$ flat fee per paid ticket sold. For more information please check our pricing page.
  • When do I get paid?
    For ensuring that the event is actually held, you'll be paid fully 2 days after your event. Although verified organizers and premium partners could request and be paid before their events.
  • I'm an attendee. Should I pay to use Eventbox?
    Not at all. All Eventbox's services are free for attendees. You only pay for your tickets.
  • Is my purchase safe in Eventbox?
    Absolutely. Eventbox uses a legitimate and secure gateway for all transactions and you'll get a receipt of every purchase you make.
  • Could I get a refund for my tickets?
    No. Please be very careful when you buy your tickets.

Manage ticket types & registration

  • What id donation?
    Event organizers could use "Donation feature" in their events. You can collect donation from your attendees as much as you wants and for different purposes. This feature is very popular in charity events or for crowdfunding the event itself.
  • What do mean by "Payable by me or attendee"?
    As the organizer, in paid tickets, you can choose whether you pay Eventbox's fee or the attendee. This feature is handy when you cannot change the price of your tickets or you can't afford to pay the fees. This feature means you can use all of Eventbox feature for free.

Account settings

  • How can I change my password?
    In any page like my events, you see your name with an arrow next to it. Click on it, choose account settings, on change password section, enter your current and new passwords and click on update password button.
  • How can I change my email?
    In any page like my events, you see your name with an arrow next to it. Click on it, choose account settings, on change email section, enter your new email and your account's password and click on update email button.
  • What's Payment Method? Who is it for?
    This section is only for event organizers. Please fill this section very carefully.