Eventbox Ambassadors

An Active Community

Who is an Eventbox Ambassador?

Eventbox Ambassadors are individuals with a successful track-record in their industry and in the field of events – either as event planners, organizers, hosts, sponsors, supplier or activist. They are people who actively participate in events in their communities and bring value to the process. They embody and practice the core values of collaboration to create new experiences and cultivate communities.

What Eventbox Ambassadors do?

  • Promote and raise awareness of the Eventbox Brand in their current and ever-growing communities within their industry and field of expertise
  • Suggest and recommend new functionalities and solutions to enhance the Eventbox platform for both the organizers and attendees
  • Cultivate and connect a community of event planners, organizers, and managers who can collaborate together on their event endeavours
  • Nominate and refer future Eventbox Ambassadors

What are the benefits of being an Eventbox Ambassador?

  • Complimentary Pass to annual Eventbox Ambassador Reception hosted in Tehran, Iran
  • Rewarding and enriching experience as you become part of an elite event community
  • Recognition on Eventbox.co in the Ambassador section

How to become an Eventbox Ambassador?

You can apply to join as an Ambassador if you are an established professional who is actively involved in the event community in one or more of the following capacities – event organizer, sponsor, planner, supplier or volunteer. To nominate yourself or another individual please send us an email at hello {@} eventbox.co

What are the Terms & Rules?

  • The Ambassador term will last for one year from the date of nomination approval
  • Ambassadors are required to attend a one-off Orientation meeting and quarterly conference calls with the Eventbox management team
  • Ambassadors are not employees of Eventbox and cannot act as representatives of Eventbox in any official or unofficial capacity
  • Ambassadors cannot use their position to fundraise, promote or facilitate any projects, initiatives or events
  • Ambassadors will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Eventbox and comply with the code of conduct of Eventbox shared with them during their Orientation